Thursday, June 17, 2010


Love-comment-88.gif image by decnoteAlright so I recently bought my first pair of circle lens from Tokioshine and I am very happy with my purchase!

Price/Shipping & Packaging

Okay so first of all I'd like to say Tokioshine has a good (AUTHENTIC!) variety at affordable costs. They sell Geo, Dizoneyes, EOS, Dollyeye, Dueba, and G&G. The most expensive being around $30. They use USPS Priority mail for shipping and my package came all the way across the country in 3 days! Recently I had also ordered eyeshadow pallets from another company close in the area and it took over 4 days. So the shipping is cheap and efficient. I was also happy with the safety of my purchase not only did it come in a box but it has packaging peanuts protecting it along with bubble wrap around the vials the circle lens come in.

Circle Lens
I ordered the Geo Circle CM-836 and I'm in love with them! They made my eyes look doll-like and the color isn't over powering to my green shade of eyes. They feel comfortable and don't slip when wearing them for long periods of time. The only thing I wish is that the website would add stuff to their tutorial page for first time owners like me. I went everywhere online searching for ways to care for and store my lens. I didn't want to dry them out or use the wrong kind of solution to disinfect my lens. Another great thing about Tokioshine is that with every pair of lens purchased you receive a FREE Hello Kitty lens case. I was so so so happy about this and received the pink one below.


Currently Tokioshine is having a deal "For every 5 pairs purchased, get the 6th pair FREE! " so make sure to check them out they're very good and once again their lens come with the authenticity check code on each vial.


(W/o flash)
(Cell phone)
(W/o flash)

  • Comfort- ★★★★☆ After getting used to wearing contacts the lens felt like they weren't there at all and they don't slip like I've heard about some brand of circle lens.
  • Enlargement- ★★★★★ They defiantly make a huge difference in my eyes and look really ulzzang.
  • Color- ★★★★★ The circle lens were the color I expected them to be upon purchasing and when I wear them they 'blend' into my green eyes so they don't look unnatural.
  • Overall- ★★★★★I'm so very happy with my purchase from Tokioshine and I plan on buying more from them to add to my collection! They were quick, efficient, and my order arrived to me in perfect condition.

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