Friday, June 18, 2010

Circle Lens Tips For NOOBS~!

This blog is about circle lens~!

Here's some diagrams I found online to help you guys out:

  • Always keep your lens moist. Store them in your lens case with solution and never leave the same solution in the case for more than 3 days when not wearing them.
  • When you receive your lens do not wear them straight away! The water/chemical in the vials is bad for your eyes. So soak them in disinfecting solution for at least 6 hours.
  • NEVER fall asleep wearing lens of any kind!
  • Do not try swimming in your circle lens.
  • Do not wash your lens with water, it can contain tiny organisms that can collect bacteria.
  • Try not to get make-up or anything of the sort on your contacts. If you wear cosmetics apply after you put the lens in.
  • Change your solution every time you wear the lens and put them back in the case.
  • When you wear your circle lens, before putting them back in the lens case, put a drop or two of solution on the lens while on your finger and slightly rub it to cleanse. Be careful though you can tear your lens!
  • Never wear them more than 8 hours! I wouldn't even advise that much personally.
  • If you wear them for a few hours you should put eye drops in your eye upon removal because circle lens don't allow oxygen to your eye making them dry out.
  • If this is your first pair use multipurpose solution to disinfect and saline solution to cleanse or store. You can use multipurpose solution for both if you don't wanna buy two.
If you can think of any more tips please let me know and I'll add them to the list!

Btw! Yes the blond is my real hair and the brown is from when I dyed it last year and I cut my bangs today~ >_<

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